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LGSA Marine is recognised internationally for the quality and professionalism of its team of marine surveyors, cargo surveyors, engineers and consultants. Our team combine many years of experience with modern surveying techniques to offer a comprehensive and prompt service to the maritime, insurance, risk management, transport and energy industries. Our expertise encompasses technical, marine, cargo services and general average as well as legal, liability and risk management activities.



The multi-skilled team of staff surveyors at LGSA Marine provide a comprehensive range of marine services including:​

  • Lashing and securing certificates

  • Sea fastenings design

  • Warranty surveys

  • Advice on IMDG cargo

  • Advice on stowage and cargo handling

  • Draught surveys

  • On-hire/off-hire surveys

  • Small craft and fishing vessels


Our engineer surveyors are all professionally qualified marine engineers who provide technical expertise on all types of vessels and various types of machinery.


We investigate marine losses and casualties worldwide on behalf of insurers, underwriters, shipowners, average adjusters, and P&I Clubs.

We provide an early response and effective casualty management which can achieve mitigation of losses.

We offer a wide range of technical services backed by experience and expertise. Typical services include:

  • Hull and machinery surveys

  • Dry dock repair and supervision

  • Collision, grounding and salvage

  • Wreck removal feasibility and cost evaluation

  • Bunker & draft surveys

  • Dock property damage inspections

  • Towage approval and voyage suitability surveys

  • Technical advice in claims investigations

  • Technical consultancy in litigation and arbitration

  • Small craft and fishing vessels

  • Collision incident investigations


We have provided consultancy and specialist technical services for a number of historic ship projects including:

  • "Mary Rose" feasibility study

  • "HMS Trincomalee"

  • Paddle Steamer "Wingfield Castle"

  • Paddle Steamer "Lincoln Castle"

  • Paddle Steamer "Waverley"

  • Tall ship "Zebu"


 LGSA Marine provides the maritime world with the best professional expertise founded on more than 150 years of continuous service.

Our team of cargo surveyors undertake a comprehensive range of surveys and investigations on a global basis.

Our expertise in seaborne cargos has evolved with the changing face of international transport and we are now regularly involved in CMR, GIT, container & road trailer surveys.

We have extensive expertise on all cargoes and the range of cargo services we can offer includes:

  • Pre-shipment Surveys

  • Out-turn Condition Surveys

  • Certification for Export Cargo

  • Unitised Loads including CMR, Containers and Trailers

  • Salvage Sales Brokerage

  • Loss Investigations


Our team of engineer surveyors provide specialist services for machinery damage in transit surveys. 


The acknowledged expertise of our team of staff surveyors in the field of General Average has resulted in appointments throughout the world for major casualties such as fires, groundings, collisions, flooding, engine failure, and other various losses.

We provide an early response and effective casualty management which can achieve mitigation of losses.


LGSA Marine acts as an expert witness on cases concerning cargo, FD&D (freight, demurrage & defence), collision damage and grounding damage.

We undertake investigations on behalf of liability insurers of dockyards, stevedoring companies and freight forwarders including cases involving personal injury.

The multiplicity of skills and the extensive experience available within LGSA Marine allows us to meet the demands imposed by legal and liability issues to the benefit of our customers.


 With our extensive experience in the maritime, insurance, transport and energy industries, we provide an added-value risk management service to the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Typical examples of risk management surveys undertaken for the marine insurance industry include:

  • P&I pre-entry surveys

  • Hull & machinery pre-entry surveys

  • Loss prevention surveys

  • Shipyard risk assessments.


We also undertake risk assessments and audits on logistics operations, supply chains and stockholding operations. 


The transport of large indivisible loads and other extraordinary items of cargo require specialised planning and co-ordination of transport resources overland and by sea.

LGSA Marine provides planning, risk assessment, evaluation and logistics control management services to ensure that the risks involved are minimised and the project successfully completed.

Each and every project is unique of its kind, requiring wider knowledge and experience. With the long history of LGSA Marine and the experience of our surveyors in marine casualties, we have the capability to fully assess the risks associated with special projects on behalf of our customers.

We work closely with our customers and their contractors alike in establishing the available resources and assessing the critical and high-risk aspects of each project. Our customers benefit from our assessment in appreciating the risks involved and managing the risks effectively.

LGSA Marine act as Warranty Surveyors to protect the interests of all parties, ensuring that best practice & correct procedures are followed and that adequate preparations are made before the marine lift operation is undertaken. This includes independent verification of procedures and design calculations.

LGSA Marine has specialist heavy lift experience in providing method statements, risk assessments and detailed designs for sea fastenings, lashing requirements and securing means for Heavy Lifts & Project Cargo.

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